custom framing samples

Why custom framing?

  • The right frame can have a big impact on the look of an item, making it more polished and finished in a way that accents your decor.
  • It protects your valuable pieces – UV protective glass slows down the processes of degradation

How much does framing cost?

It does cost more than buying pre-made frames, however you can rest assured that your valuable pieces are protected and displayed to their best advantage. Our prices are competitive with other framing shops in Toronto.

How long does it take?

Each piece is different but a custom frame order takes an average of two weeks depending on the size and quantity of the order. We can sometimes accommodate a shorter turnaround time (determined on a case by case basis) to be determined at the time of ordering . We aim for prompt turnaround times without rushing or sacrificing quality.

Questions? Contact us – we’d be happy to speak to you about anything you would like to frame.

Please note: Because we are a small shop we do have size restrictions. We cannot take in works that exceed 40×60 inches including mat borders. If you have a large work and you aren’t sure if we can do it, please call us first before coming by with the work. Thank you.