John N Inglis

Biographical Highlights
Date and place of birth: 1931, Toronto. Graduated from the Ontario College of Art (OCA), 1952. Participated in many group shows and several solo exhibitions in the years that followed to the present date. Joined the OCA faculty in 1961 and retired as Chair (1987/90) in 1990. Received the A. J. Casson Award for distinguished service to OCA upon retirement. Elected a Life Member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour (CSPWC) in 2010 (joined the society in 1977). Launch of my book: In Quest of a Countenance: A search for Meaning in a World in Transition in 2010 at the Art Square Gallery in conjunction with OCAD U’s (formerly OCA) first Alumni exhibition. Awarded the Alumni Emeritus Member Designation in 2012 “In Recognition of Long Term Dedicated Service to the Alumni Association and to the OCAD University.” Solo Exhibition, the Yellow House Gallery, 2014. Solo exhibition, the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, 2016.

Artist’s Statement
My work finds its principle expression in a contemporary cultural milieu between comprehensive world-views. In my drawings and paintings, there is often a diminutive, androgynous figure (whom I call Little Face) that is on a transpersonal quest for meaning in a world of radical change. It is an embryonic thought-form that gathers sustenance from dreams of the natural environment while it awaits delivery into an embrace of an evolving integral world-centric consciousness.

The contemporary cultural world is looking for authentic expressions of the good, the true and the beautiful.