Source Work:  A selection of paintings by John N. Inglis [Oct 14-Nov 11]

“In a place of small trees”, watercolour on paper, 16”x20”

Source Work:
A selection of paintings by John N. Inglis

Oct 14th – Nov 11th
show opening:
Sunday Oct. 14th reception from 2-4pm. goodies served.

This is the third solo show of the paintings of John Inglis held at the Yellow House Gallery. This exhibition of paintings continues with a theme that has its origin in 1960.This theme was central to a solo show held at Victoria College, the University of Toronto under the title In Quest of a Countenance, While John’s work in oils painted during July and August this summer (2018) represents a change of approach to a semi abstract mode, it now extends the original theme to include new insights.