“Poodle”, Melissa Wakefield, oil on canvas, 30″x30″, 2016, from our exhibition: IMPRINT: APRIL 2ND-APRIL 30TH 2016

MWakefield, Poodle, 04

“Poodle”, Melissa Wakefield, oil on canvas, 30″x30″, 2016

works by Laura Fedynyszyn and Melissa Wakefield
April 2nd-April 30th 2016

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In zoology the term “imprint” refers to the process in a young animal’s early development, when they pattern themselves onto their mother; identifying themselves as one of her kind.

If a human acts as the primary caregiver during this stage of early development, an animal can imprint onto a human, and an exceptionally strong bond can occur between the two.

This exhibition features two artists who depict a wide array of species in distinct and refreshing ways, each honoring the true complexity their subjects, and in turn challenging the boundary between our kingdom and theirs.


Laura Fedynyszyn

“Situated on the fringes of the natural world, my work is based on keen observations and a deep respect for the animals whose habitats we share. Often inspired by early scientific documentation of flora and fauna, my artistic practice seeks to enliven these clinical views of the natural world with undercurrents of emotion and immediacy.”

Melissa Wakefield

“Choosing to place the animal by itself inspires a portrait-like composition. Unlike landscapes with wildlife included, the animals are separated from their environment, and are then forced to be see on their own.”

Laura Fedynyszyn- FoxyBoxing “Foxy Boxing”, Laura Fedynyszyn, mixed media on paper, 11″x14″, 2016

….See you all on April 2nd for our reception!
Exhibition runs April 2nd- April 30th 2016