Upcoming Exhibition: BODY.FORM.COLOUR

Upcoming Exhibition:

This September, as part of Yellow House’s guest curator program, we have invited Toronto based curator Cortney Stephenson of My Mother’s Basement Gallery Artists to present her exhibition:


September 10th-October 10th 2015
Featuring work by:
Krista Arnold
Stella Cade
Chad Gauthier
Michelle Tourikian

“In physics, a physical body or object is a collection of matter that has a continuous boundary. Defined and identified by the properties of the material, bound by the tangible surface of the object, the human body is used as an allegorical element in the exploration of visual perceptual properties and the formal elements of art. Through the use of the human figure, Krista Arnold, Stella Cade, Chad Gauthier and Michelle Tourikian employ a dramatic use of colour, form and space to create distinct works that straddle the line between figuration and abstraction.”
-Cortney Stephenson, September Guest Curator at Yellow House Gallery

***BODY.FORM.COLOUR. is the second installment in the brick and mortar exhibition series of My Mother’s Basement Gallery Artists. Curated by Cortney Stephenson, MyMothersBasementGallery.com is a virtual exhibition space that aims to give exposure and experience to emerging artists without the artist incurring the cost of exhibition.***

Krista Arnold“Alter”, Krista Arnold, oil on canvas, 36″x48″,2015

Thursday September 10th
Artists in attendance. Goodies served.
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